Interior design musical inspirations 7: yellow submarine

In our final part if this fun mini-series we look at bathrooms, and what better song title than Yellow Submarine! Plan your budget first and make sure you stick to it; you can search for all of the prices which will give you an idea of how much the project will cost you. Also remember to factor in any installation costs as these can be a little expensive for custom designs.

So you have decided on going for something out of the ordinary and following one of the many musical inspirations. Take for example you wanted to design a room with a concept from the film 'Yellow submarine'. There are an array of colours to include and also the design work dates back to the 60s and 70s. There are a lot of companies that are now reproducing décor from this era. It has become highly fashionable and you'll also find that it is mixed with many contemporary designs too.

Searching for all the different types of colours and materials can be hard work; you mustn't forget that there are a whole array of colours and wholesale fabric that were used as well. These aren't always available in every day high Street stores; the best place to look for these items is to go online. One of the best tips when choosing to go for a 60s and 70s style in the home is to purchase wholesale fabric.

Buying wholesale fabric is a great way of sticking to your budget and it also gives you the chance to plan ahead so that you have money left over to buy any decorative items and accessories. To get that 'Yellow Submarine' look don't sell yourself short by limiting your choices. Look for bathroom fittings and furnishings such as cheap Roman blinds in bright yellow, a yellow rug, anti slip matting is a good idea in bathrooms and aspects from the era including a coloured bathroom suite (if you're brave enough!).

You could also look for a shower curtains with a big yellow submarine or even wall tiles; but don't forget whilst this is a fun and crazy way to decorate a bathroom it can easily become tacky if you use too many accessories all depicting submarines; so choose wisely and you'll end up with a fresh and invigorating bathroom!

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