Interior design musical inspirations 5: somewhere over the rainbow

Designing bespoke room for the kids can be fun and interesting as there are many things you can do to create a magical room for them. One of the most popular things at the moment comes from the musical 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow', this provides a wide range of styles and features that will transform your child's room into not only a bedroom but somewhere they can play for hours leaving you in peace! When starting out designing a children's room it is important to think about how much you're going to spend and also what materials you're going to use.

The reason is because firstly you would want to stick to budget and not overspend, as it is commonly known that anything to do with children can be very expensive. So you may want to cut back on money for designing the walls, carpets, and lighting so that you can spend a little more on buying a quality bed and mattress. Purchasing some of the materials at wholesale fabric prices is a good way to start and many colours and styles can be found online at the click of a button.

One of the important features to consider your children's curtains and the decision whether to make your own or buy ready made curtains. You may wish to consider blackout curtains, especially if you live in a street which is brightly lit at night. There are many designs that incorporate that 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' theme. There are also a lot of different variations in childrens curtains and cheap bedding sets, so you are bound to find something that your child likes which suits the theme. Of course this is important that you include them in the decisions as it will be their room and not yours.

Including them on the decision making is very crucial and it is important to let them get involved on the creative side. The song title comes from the film The Wizard of Oz which means that you could also focus your attentions on aspects such as the 'Emerald City', the 'Munchkins' or the lovable characters the tin man, the lion and the scarecrow (maybe steer well away from the 'darker' side of Oz – much too scary for a children's room!).

Paint walls with a rainbow as a focal point, use cheap rugs for flooring and incorporate as many or a few of the scenes from the film as you wish – don't forget that in the song 'dreams come true' and so they will for your child if you decorate their room in this style!

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