Interior Design Meets Fashion: Stylishly Chic Kitchens

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Rustic and country cottage style kitchens have been popular for quite some time now, but a growing number of people are making the decision to try something a little different. Maybe it's an increasingly sophisticated sense of stylish home décor, whatever the reason it's undeniable that kitchens are becoming less rustic, more minimalist and decidedly more chic.

If you're interested in giving your kitchen a modern makeover, there are a lot of things to think about. There's more to a chic kitchen than replacing your kitchen blinds with modern sheer kitchen curtains or swapping patchwork kitchen towels for solid coloured ones, although these steps are a good start. Depending on your budget, you may want to think about changing your kitchen and dining room furniture, cabinetry, shelving, your sink, taps and perhaps even your appliances.


One of the most important parts of modern chic kitchen design is leaving plenty of open space to make your kitchen an easier and more comfortable place to cook in and if it's large enough, to socialise with family and friends in. While you probably can't do much about the size of your kitchen unless you're willing to commit to an extensive remodelling, you can make your kitchen look and feel larger by making the best possible use of the space you have available.

Even a smaller kitchen can feel spacious when it's laid out well. Consider adding wall mounted shelving in order to use vertical space in your kitchen to store less commonly used items and free up space. If possible, you might even want to replace larger cabinets with smaller ones or shelving which takes up less space and has a more contemporary look.


As with any room in the home, maximising natural light is important. Instead of wooden blinds or shutters, go for sheer curtains which let in plenty of light while still giving you a little privacy. The added light will also make your kitchen feel more spacious and open, which is another plus. Recessed lighting fixtures on dimmer switches are a good choice for this room; it can provide task lighting as well as ambient light without having to be overly bright and making your kitchen an uncomfortable place to cook and unwind with family and friends.


Colour is largely up to you, but you'll definitely want to choose colours which are calming while being cheerful, but not so bright as to be distracting. You can add a few more colourful accents (for instance, colourful mixing bowls or other kitchenware) and display them on open shelving, rather than hiding them in cabinets, to liven up the room.

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