Interior Design Meets Fashion: Soft Touches

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

While many of us admire many of the design elements common to modern minimalist home décor, it can seem just a little on the harsh side for some tastes. However, the important thing to remember is that it's not necessary to embrace each and every aspect of a particular school of thought in home design.

You can take things which appeal to you from different styles and create something which is all your own or soften some of those hard edges while leaving things more or less intact – interior design is, after all, about what works in your home and just as importantly, what works for you.

Colour: One of the easiest ways to add some soft touches and warm up a room is through the judicious use of colour. For instance, rather than going for a strict monochrome colour scheme, you could brighten things up with lime green curtains or teal curtains for a little colour which brings some balance as well as making the room a bit more cheerful. You don't need to go with bright, bold colours; muted tones of red and gold, for instance, can work just as well while producing a slightly more understated effect.

Texture: Adding different textures through furnishings and other fabrics can do a lot to add a soft touch to a room. For example, even if you're not planning to replace your furniture, throws or small pillows in a soft fabric with a slight textural contrast can add some visual depth as well as a feeling of warmth and comfort. Large rugs are another good way to achieve the same end and if you're going for a largely monochrome look in a particular room, a rug is an excellent way to add some (not too bright) colour as well.

Accents and Art: What if you're worried about detracting from your decorating scheme too much by adding colour through your furniture, window treatments or fabrics? There are other options which can help you to soften the look of any room. For instance, opting for softer lighting using lamps (which are also a good way to add just a little colour if you like) instead of harsh overhead lighting. Framed art pieces are also an excellent choice; either photography or paintings can work to give any room a softer touch, no matter what sort of interior design philosophy you happen to like.

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