Interior Design Meets Fashion: Less Is More

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

If pay any attention at all to interior design and fashion, there are two things that you're probably well aware of by now: one, that minimalist interior design is back in-vogue and two, that minimalist isn't necessarily synonymous with cold and unwelcoming. Modern minimalism, at least as far as interior design is concerned, has embraced its softer side and is now something that all of us, even those of us with children, pets and busy lives can opt for in our homes.

Of course, there is a certain lifestyle and personality element involved in minimalist décor. Obviously you can't be an exceptionally messy person or a serious collector and really explore this style. However, if you're looking for a good way to motivate yourself to reduce clutter and make room for yourself in your home, taking the 'less is more' approach is an excellent way to begin. If you're already an organised person, then you'll face much less of a challenge and probably find that there's less work ahead of you.

Let's start with a room which really benefits from a minimal look – the bedroom. A clean, clutter free bedroom makes it far easier to relax, unwind and get to sleep at the end of the day. Once you've cleared out the clutter and reduced the amount of bedroom furniture to the absolute essentials, you can start updating the room's look with new bedding. One thing you may want to think about is investing in is an assortment of duvet covers; this allows you to change the look of your bed quickly and easily, without requiring the storage you'd need if you had a large collection of bedding in the room (or your linen closet).

Solid colours which compliment or contrast with the colour of the walls are good choices here, as are covers with simple patterns, preferably monochrome or in muted colours – polka dots are one option well worth considering. Add Visual Interest Through Accent Pieces: If you're worried about the room becoming a bit dull, don't be. You can always add brightly coloured accents or large rugs and other fabrics with textural contrasts to keep things interesting; and to create a bedroom which is relaxing and inviting even as it proves the adage that 'less is more'.

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