This popular fruity cocktail packs a real punch with a combination of Vodka, Galliano, orange juice, served on the rocks (ice) and garnished with a twist of orange. Invented in 1952 this cocktail enables you to use an eclectic style of interior design, combining the wonderful vibrant colour with a touch of retro which is ideal for a fresh new look in bedrooms. In brief: Flooring: Back in the early fifties few people had fully fitted carpets. The traditional flooring was lino and a large area rug or carpet. Some homes had stripped floor boards but these were being replaced by the carpet trend. For the less wealthy lino was common place with cheap rugs placed at the side of the bed/s for comfort on the feet. Few homes had central heating, so bedrooms could become extremely cold at night. Walls: Plain mellow yellow walls compliment orange bed throws and beige bed linen, enabling patterns to be used in a harmonious way to create a sense of balance and cohesion in the room. Pale colours were replacing white, as white often reminded people of earlier days and lime white washed walls were the principle wall paints for those who didn't have much money, while those who were more affluent had wallpaper! Windows: Patterned bedroom curtains in burnt orange will bring your bedroom up to date, while still retaining the retro look if you choose curtain fabrics online which have swirls in a deeper tone of burnt orange. Ready made curtains were beginning to be readily available, however, many people made their own as this was a cheaper option back in the early fifties. Blinds were also common place, with wooden blinds being used in conjunction with curtains to provide privacy. Accessories: This is wear you can bring as many retro touches as dictates by the size of the room. Marbled bedside tables, complete with a retro telephone bring a touch of nostalgia to the design. Wall prints and retro coffee mugs add a quaint charm which is part of the 1950's interior design style. As the 1950's saw a boom in mass production and new materials homes were becoming brighter and user friendly rather than purely functional. A comfortable arm chair replaced a standard dining room styled chair, proving a place to relax and read rather than just somewhere to throw clothes over!

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