Interior Design Ideas using White in the Kitchen

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

The popularity of white kitchens has regained momentum in recent years as they offer fresh, clean looks which suits hectic modern lifestyles to a T. One aspect which has altered is kitchen design and while the kitchen remains the hub of many homes, the latest design include central island and hidden labour saving appliances that we rely so heavily upon.

Traditional Interiors

Traditionally styled kitchens have always included white, from the most basic country cottage styles to period styled kitchens with butler sinks and free standing dressers and storage arrangements. Home owners are re-visiting white by replacing or painting kitchen cupboards, and updating splash-back tiles to give their kitchens a new look without being detrimental to the style of their home.

Period home renovations are also looking back at the use of white, and while white-washed walls (as we saw yesterday) where the main colour for cottage kitchens we mustn't forget that brilliant white didn't become available until after WWII; so if you want an authentic renovation don't use brilliant white paint, use an off-white or pale cream instead.

Modern Interiors

Modern kitchen have always favoured white as a base colour, with modern kitchens being bought to life with injections of bright bold colours as accents. Stainless steel is used to compliment the white cupboards to show that the room is busy and geared towards family life. Although the main design remains the same modern up-dates are required to keep this style of kitchen on-trend. Simple alterations and additions can be made without losing the overall feel and style. New vertical blinds, white curtains and patterned kitchen rugs are just a few of the cost-effective up-dates modern kitchens can have; new cupboard door handles and modern imagery can also bring a new look to a modern kitchen without breaking the bank.

Contemporary Interiors

All white contemporary kitchens have been said to be too hostile, sterile and clinical looking, however, for those who like to keep up with cutting edge interior designs white plays a very important role. Entirely white kitchens are surprisingly hard to achieve – if you think about all of the usual kitchen paraphernalia most of have on show only some of them are wholly white. It takes dedication and discipline to ensure every aspect of a kitchen stays white and while it is achievable, for most of us it's too much effort especially when children are around!

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