Interior Design Ideas using White in the Hallway

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Before you shriek let's show you just how effective a white hallway can be! If the thought of muddy shoes traipsing into your home fills you with dread there are ways that a white hallway can be looking at its best whatever, you, your family or guests throw at it!

Traditional Interiors

White has been in hallways and entrances for many years, if you think along the lines of large entrance halls the chances are the floor at least would be white, or white and black, tiles, walls are also light colours. The reason being that most halls and entrance irrespective of their size don't have much natural light entering them, as such white is used to help what little natural light there is to bounce around the area. The clever use of large mirrors can also help to brighten a dark hallway or entrance.

Narrow, corridor like halls, the type typically seen in terraced homes are another good example of why using white isn't as 'mad' as it sounds. The tunnel like corridors need to be filled with light, and typically the only natural light is provided by a glass panel above the door or glass panels within the door itself. Large rugs will trap any dirt and debris at the point of entry and if shoes and boots are excessively caked with mud it would be wise to send your family guests round the back to enter your home via the back door!

Modern Interiors

Many modern homes have small hallways, there's usually a downstairs cloakroom situation in one of the corners. Again many modern hallways don't have there own windows and rely on natural light being provided by inset glass panels in the front door, therefore white or pale coloured walls and flooring will help to make the space look larger; with large rugs or hallway runners helping to catch the majority of dirt before it's walked through the house. The issue of easy cleaning is also evident in modern interiors with wooden flooring or floor tiles rather than carpets be used. And not forget that in many homes it's deemed polite to remove your shoes in the hallway!

Contemporary Interiors

Contemporary interiors see the return of large hallways and entrances with their own windows as well as glass doors. Full length white curtains or vertical blinds are frequently used to provide privacy during the evening and night while allowing the space to be flooded with light during the day. Reflective surfaces also come into play with white tiles or polished floors helping to maximise any light available.

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