Interior Design Ideas using White in the Bedroom

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Today we take a look at white bedrooms in the three most popular interior design styles and while white has come under a lot of criticism in recent years for being too clinical and lifeless, those who love the freshness and purity of white continue to give the colour plenty of 'house room' – meaning they welcome or allow 'it' (white) into their homes with open arms.

Traditional Interiors

Using white in a traditional home usually reflects on the bedding rather than the colour of the walls or flooring. White bed sheets remain the most popular colour choices and is believed to represent that a house is kept in good order – this being denoted by just how white (and therefore clean) the bedding is! Today we don't have these old fashioned thoughts, maybe that's because many people use a drier rather than pegging there clothes on an outside clothes lines for everyone to see (and remark on!)

Modern Interiors

Modern homes also incorporate white in bedrooms although the use of white bedding is left behind and replaced with colourful prints and plain duvet cover sets and luxury bedding. Large rugs in white are also used to give a warm and homely feel to bedroom without deviating from their roots. For example, rather have two identical rugs placed either side of a double bed as they are in traditionally styled bedroom, large rugs are placed under the bottom third of the bed, with the remaining two thirds reaching out into the room. White curtains are also on-trend, especially white eyelet voiles, which are being used to replace traditional net curtains to give a modern look with the same functionality and practicality in terms of ease of use and privacy. White curtains are also being used to cover entire walls, not just windows, with soft flowing fabric to give a bedroom a softer and gentler look.

Contemporary Interiors

White contemporary bedrooms reign supreme on the style stakes. Bedrooms decorated entirely in white are given subtle pops of texture and close matching colours to help them looking hostile. Large rugs, with a faux (or genuine) animal hide are common place and help ground the white colour scheme by use of texture and form rather than colour. Luxury super king bedding is ideal for a contemporary styled bedroom, with the latest trends favouring plain rather than patterned bedding so that the bedroom remains true to it's original interior design conception.

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