Nothing says traditional elegance than neutral colours mixed with warm browns and deep reds. It is important when choosing a colour scheme, to limit the colours to two or three main shades. This will make it easier for you to use accent within the room that are a bit more glamorous like silver or gold. These can be picture frames or mirrors or even embossing around wooden furniture. Remember to chose one main neural colour that is lighter than the others. Cream works best as it goes with anything and makes everything in the room really stand out. Soft furnishings and curtains should be the brightest and boldest of the colours in your scheme. If you like patterns chose something classic like a Fleur-de-Lis or Paisley style. This should be one or two colours so that they don’t clash with the rest of the room. Floral patterns can work well as long as they fit the colour scheme and are not over complicated in their colouring. For a traditional look opt for curtain rings over hooks because this will help to achieve the style we are aiming for. Faux chandeliers can add the finishing touches to an elegant room and are easier to clean and maintain than real ones. Of course if you want to you can chose real ones if you want to or simply choose an ornate table lamp as a feature. When going for a traditional look dark woods work best but furniture painted white can also work as well with a lighter colour scheme. Handles and embellishments on white furniture should be silver as gold adds too much of a contrast. Gold does, however, look good on the darker woods. Minimalism is elegance. each room should have a focal point whether it's a stylish set or draws, a stunning piece of artwork or just an inviting sofa or bed. Try not to clutter your rooms with too many knick-knacks or over crowd it with furniture. If you do have some precious items you wish to show off a display cabinet will work well without the room seeming chaotic. Try to keep the furniture in any one room the same style, or at least the same colour. This will help to bring the room together, make it feel calmer and more inviting. Be careful when adding rugs direct to your room as this can sometimes disrupt the flow of the room. If you have patterned wallpaper or curtains it is best to chose a plain style of rug over a patterned one and vice versa.