Interior design ideas to transform a teenager's bedroom 7: using a focal point

All rooms should have a focal point, this can be an architectural structure such as a chimney-breast or large picture window, however, in homes and rooms where there is no natural focal point then you'll have to create one so that the eyes have something to lock onto and focus upon.

Let them make a statement

The focal point in many bedrooms is the bed itself or the bedding used on it. Beautiful super-king sized beds are great if your teenager's room is large enough and probably more importantly you're willing to bear the cost of buying such a large bed! The bedding isn't a problem as there are plenty of superking duvet covers available which don't cost the earth. If the bed isn't going to be the focal point then visually appealing wall art is another great way to give the eyes a natural target to hone onto.

Use a grown-up theme

Aspects of a theme can also be brought into play as a focal point. Wall decals or stickers on furniture can be used to catch the eye. Using a theme related to their favourite pass times and hobbies is an ideal way of bringing an adult theme to the room while still letting them enjoy their youth.

Divide work and play

These are great areas to make as a focal point, each with its own distinctive identity. In the work area the focal point could be a state-of -the-art computer or the play area could include a sound system with all the trimmings!

Add Plenty of Storage

 Although a necessity storage spaces are rarely used as focal points, the only exception may be a large travelling truck which has pride of place at the bottom of the bed or is being used as an impromptu table.

Use accessories wisely

Even accessories can be or become included within the focal point. We've already suggested bedding and if your teens room has a large picture window choosing cheap curtains and window blinds to enhance it further to create a show stopping focal point. As we've suggested throughout this mini-series it's a good idea to let your teenager have their say in the look and style of their room. If they have a care-free 'I don't care' attitude suggest some our interior design ideas to them – it may spark them into being a little more enthused!

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