Interior design ideas to transform a teenager's bedroom 5: using density

This may seem like an usual thing to add to a teenager's bedroom, however, in interior design terms the amount of density you use can make or break the end results of a bedroom makeover. In this instance we're referring to density in terms of pattern choices rather than than density for determining the mass of a substance, for example bone density. Let them make a statement: As we've seen in this weeks posts it's important to let your teen make a statement in their bedroom. Using patterned wallpaper and fabrics with different pattern densities is a great way for them to chose how little or how much they want pattern they want to be included.

Use a grown-up theme: Young children's rooms usually use less pattern density than teens rooms. A good example of this is patterned wall freezes used on plain walls or wall art using various sized butterfly motifs. The love of pattern is of course something that we 'grow into' – wallpaper and fabrics which are saturated with dense patterns (those showing very little of the background) or more subtle density patterns which highlight more of the background colour, can be used to create a range of different looks in a bedroom. Printed duvet cover sets which have an overall pattern, such as camouflage bedding can be used to give the illusion of deep density. Alternatively a simple, yet stylish, sparse floral pattern on duvet sets can be used to play down the density of the colour and pattern and bridge the gap between completely plain to overly patterned.

Divide work and play: Fabric screens or stylish plastic screens are an easy way to divide the room into two distinctive areas, or you could also use two density variations of the same coordinating wallpaper.

Add Plenty of Storage: We know this is a must and if you want to take the word density in terms of how much room something takes up then in order to keep the bedroom clutter free and therefore less dense in visual terms, you need to provide plenty of storage places. Drawers, shelving and wardrobes are the normal staples of bedroom storage options.

Use accessories wisely: Again to keep the room in balance the amount of density any given accessory has needs to thrown into the equation. Low density equates to a more calming bedroom whereas high density refers to a bedrooms which is packed full of pattern and furnishings. If you also want to consider light density blackout curtains are a must. Who ever would of thought that you could throw density ( related to maths) into the creation of choosing a bedroom style!

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