Interior design ideas to transform a teenager's bedroom 4: using eco-friendly materials

Many teenager's are very aware of what's happening to the planet, especially regarding de-forestation and the hole in the ozone layer, as for most teenager's this is part of their school's teaching curriculum. On the other hand there are many teens who quite happily leave every light in the home on as well as leaving computers and gaming consoles on stand-by! With regards to the décor and choices of materials there's little doubt that they will voice the opinions.

Let them make a statement

If being eco-friendly is really important to them use it to let them make a statement and voice their opinions via the choice of colour, patterns and themes. Their bedroom doesn't necessarily have to be painted green, as it's the ingredients, such as chemicals, that they will more interested in, so opt for paints which have no VOC ingredients. They may also be concerned about amount of fossil fuels and mileage used to ship furniture and furnishings around the world, again this applies to furnishings and furniture.

Use an eco-friendly theme

For teens who are being serious about being eco-friendly they'll probably want to show their passion within the theme of the bedroom. Being eco-friendly isn't always a fad, making this type of teenager's bedroom design cost-effective. Use organic bedding, and chose a mattress that doesn't use polyurethane foam.

Divide work and play

Using the principle of making a distinction between work and play with two different types of flooring works extremely well in eco-friendly bedrooms. Wooden flooring, sourced and managed responsibly can be used along with large rugs made from eco-friendly materials.

Add Plenty of Storage

In theory a teens eco-friendly bedroom shouldn't have too much clutter – especially when it comes to paper and magazines, empty drinks cans etc. should automatically be added to the recycling bin! However, storage space will always be needed to use storage boxes made from anything which is recyclable such as plastic or cardboard.

Use accessories wisely

Any accessories should of course be eco-friendly, use duvet sets made from 100% cotton along with blackout curtains and/or window blinds to help save precious energy. Add bed throws so that the heating can be turned off or down. Low energy, long-life bulbs can be fitted to all lighting. All of these little differences can soon amount to a lot, so if your teen is serious about being eco-friendly you should save money – which in this day and age is not to be sniffed at!

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