Interior design ideas to transform a teenager's bedroom 3: using textures

Including a variety of different textures in your teenager's bedroom is a great way to let them show you their artistic flair and their passion (albeit short lived in many cases!) for new and innovative interior design ideas. Every surface has a texture, smooth, rough, scratchy, prickly etc. etc. So, it makes sense to find out their preferences and let them help to devise an affordable bedroom style.

Let them make a statement: Personalising a bedroom will let you child express themselves, if they want the smooth, reflective textures of steel there are plenty of bedroom furniture choices made from metal, you could also let them choose old filing cabinets, rather than more traditional wooden chests of drawers, to achieve a trendy industrial look.

Likewise, the shiny, reflective surfaces of polished precious metals, gold, silver, platinum etc. or copper, brass and the brushed finishes of pewter can all be used to make a personal statement in their bedroom. Use a grown-up textures: Your teen may tell you that they don't need their fluffy teddy bear any more, but you try throwing it away and you'll probably have a battle on your hands! The softness and comfort of a soft toy can be given a grown-up twist by using luxury bedding in smooth faux satin and bed throws made from a soft touch fabric.

Divide work and play: Once again large rugs can be used to divide work and play areas. Opt for a smoother, plain colour for the homework area and use deep plush piled rugs in chill out areas. You could also use contrasting colours to visually divide the room.

Add Plenty of Storage: It can't be stressed enough the importance of providing plenty of storage space in your teens bedroom. If the theme is industrial or loft style racks of metal shelving, the type you would normally use in a garage to store tools, would be ideal. For other themes wooden shelving can be highlighted with colour choices such as gold etc. Teen girls may also like wicker baskets which they can decorate and line with curtain fabrics. There are lots of different storage options to choose from.

Use accessories wisely: It's in this area of your teens interior design ideas can really come into their own. Fluffy bed cushions, wall art and bedding choices will all help to bring the room together, packed full of wonderful tactile fabrics that shimmer, shine or are just simply adorable and comforting to touch.

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