Interior design ideas to transform a teenager's bedroom 2: using patterns

Patterns can make the world of difference to a teenager's bedroom, but before you start looking a toy boats or ponies stop and think! You're transforming a bedroom in order for your teen to be viewed as an emerging adult, so look beyond the twee cartoon characters and go for stripes, floral prints or graphic designs. As we mentioned yesterday, make sure your teen approves of your suggestions and leave the final choice of pattern to them.

Let them make a pattern statement

Patterns are a great way to make a statement. If your child chooses plain walls let them make their own personal statement using wall decals, posters or wall art to bring pattern and different accent colours into the room.

Use a grown-up patterns

As we've mentioned adult patterns should take precedent over childish ones. The patterns don't have to overly complicated, use duvet cover sets or cheap curtains with a trendy pattern to help balance the look of the room. Simple circles can look chic and stylish and are a great way to bridge the gap between teen and adult. Just remember to let your teen choose the pattern and colours if you want the transformation to be a success!

Divide work and play

A great way to divide work and play areas is with the use of patterns. Use patterns which are calming in the work area of the bedroom and use a different, contrasting bolder pattern in the 'play' area. This can be achieved by using large rugs, room dividers or a screen. Paint shelving and storage boxes using your accent colour to add further interest to the room.

Add Plenty of patterned storage

Perk up storage boxes using sample of the pattern/s or accent colour used in the room. Hand-painted, scraps of wallpaper or patterned curtain fabrics samples can be used to cover plain storage boxes. Painting the inside of open storage will bring a modern touch to the room.

Use patterned accessories wisely

Although we've suggested you use different patterns in different areas of the room don't let the room become swamped with too many patterns. Use bedding and curtain sets which compliment each other as well as the walls and flooring. Having lots of bright patterns will certainly transform a teens bedroom however, in this instance perhaps it would be wise to go for the 'less is more' approach.

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