Interior design ideas to transform a teenager's bedroom 1: using colour

You may nor like to admit it but your little girl or boy is growing up and as much as the cute wallpaper and baby soft colours are hard to part with for you it's time to move on! Remember they're growing up which doesn't mean they have to 'suffer' everything beige – let them choose their bedroom colour scheme and you may just be pleasantly surprised.

Let them make a statement: Now is the time in their life when you need to let them make a statement, it will help them through this difficult period of their life and can save an awful lot or arguments if you allow them to express themselves by making a statement. This can be their choice of a bright, bold bedroom colour, perhaps even all black – whatever they choose work with it rather than against it.

Use a grown-up theme: Ditch the cute ducks and teddy bears, TV characters etc. By using a grown-up theme will make them feel as if you're really listening to them. Think about themes you'd like in your own bedroom and then opt for something which is on middle ground – boring beige with plain walls, curtains and flooring is hardly going to inspire them to branch out and explore life. For example if you son or daughter is a 'petrol head' then move from toy cars to F1 or if they love music move from nursery rhymes to bass guitar. Taking the theme up a notch stage by stage is a great way to transform their bedroom and introduce new colours.

Divide work and play: Make a distinctive divide between work and play by using a simple desk and chair for computers and homework. Bring in the 'play' elements by using large rugs in a contrasting colour on the floor along with scatter cushions or beanbags for lounging and chilling out.

Add Plenty of Storage: If you want your child to keep some sort of order in their room you'll need to include plenty of storage space. Open shelving for displaying their prized possessions and enclosed cupboards or trunks for clothing and shoes! Paint shelving and storage boxes using your accent colour.

Use accessories wisely: Use coloured duvet sets, bed throws and window blinds to compliment the main colour of the room. These can be swapped or changed when the next phase kicks-in and your teen decides that they want the latest on-trend colour in their bedroom!

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