Interior design ideas to decorating a rental property – kitchens

Many rental properties don't have very large kitchens, so you'll need to make it feel bigger and brighter by use of colour and clever storage to reduce the clutter. Let's start with the windows; start by cleaning them inside and out (if you can reach). The next thing to look at is the landlord’s choice of window dressing. If the landlord has hung old curtains then replace them with new!

Cheap curtains are a great way to breathe new life into dull and dingy looking kitchens. You can also do the same with kitchen blinds, replacing old for new doesn't have to be expensive and can inject some much needed colour into a plain kitchen. Wooden blinds make an ideal choice if you have laminate flooring or wooden cupboard doors.

You won't want the expense – or you may not be permitted – to replace work-tops; the first thing to do is get them scrupulously clean! Then use your accessories to personalise the space. Try to avoid over-cluttering work surfaces as it can easily turn into an untidy and cluttered mess. Try and use practical kitchen accessories such as coffee pots, cook books etc. which will add colour and interest. If you have a kitchen table and chairs up-date these with table cloths and slip-covers for the chairs.

Look for curtain fabrics online to get a wide choice of coloured and patterned material that won't break the bank. You can also use mirrors to brighten a dull kitchen; simply by placing the mirror on the wall opposite to the window will help to bounce natural light around the room making it look and feel more spacious. Cheap rugs will not only warm a kitchen up they will also add colour and pattern (if you choose) to help ground the décor.

Make sure you use rugs with an anti-slip backing on laminate and lino floors to reduce the risk of slipping. Bring a touch of nature indoors – herbs grow on window sills are both practical and functional. They'll also help fill your kitchen with aromatic odours as well as colour.

Likewise, seasonal fresh flowers displayed in pretty or contemporary glass vases will add a cheery look and brighten the dullest of kitchens. I'd avoid silk or faux flowers in kitchens as the are a magnet to dust and can also end-up taking on your kitchen smells!

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