Every teenage girl or boys wants to have the latest trends, whether it be fashion, their personal possessions or the style of their bedroom. As tartans and plaids are bang on-trend within the world of fashion and interior design a few easy adjustments can be made to bring their bedroom up to-date. The task is easier if the room already has plain walls as these won't need to be re-painted or papered.

As we know statement headboards are all on-trend so making a tartan headboard will be ticking off two of the top interior design 'must haves' – which should please your teen. we discussed in yesterday the colour of available tartan fabrics range from the intense colours which will suit both genders or the more muted tones which are ideal for young girls. If you teens bed doesn't have a headboard which is suitable for recovering you could cut a piece of MDF or similar board to make a basic rectangular shape which fits the width of the bed. The recovering process doesn't have to be complicated; simply place the fabric over the board and fix into place using a staple gun.

Pull the fabric taught as you go so that the fabric doesn't sag or pucker and fold the corners neatly to give a professional finish. Once the headboard is made you can then focus on the bed itself. Plain duvet covers will work really well; crisp white is ideal for the darker tartans, while pretty pastels will compliment muted tartans beautifully. Add a tartan throw or bed runner, bedroom curtains and cushions to help bring the look together. Again you can make your own bed runner from a length of tartan fabric or use a folded tartan blanket to get the look instantly. Making your own cushions is also easy – try adding plain cushions which co-ordinate with the tartans to add further style and flair to the bed and the room.

The curtains may be a little trickier and if that's the case there's plenty of curtains online to choose from – if you can't find an identical tartan plain curtains which highlight one of the colours included in the tartan will look equally as chic. To make their bedroom truly unique they could carry out a little investigative work to see if your family has its own tartan – imagine how 'cool' that would be!