To end this weeks mini-series we're going to take a look at entrances and hallways. As we all know first impressions count and therefore your hallway needs to reflect your interior design style, tempting people to want to see more! We're not talking about show homes – after all this real life and we know that our homes can't always look immaculate all of the time, especially if you have children. Organising and decorating your hallway is often looked or there's always seems to another room which cries out for your attention. However, as you step over your threshold into a neat and tidy hallway it will give your morale a real boost. There's nothing more discouraging or soul destroying than being greeted with a cluttered mess and shambles. Although your hallway may not be large you should still utilise available space effectively. Shelving may be a good idea and a great place to store hats and bags – just make sure that the height of the shelves doesn't mean than people walk into them or bump their heads. You could also use tall cylindrical or square baskets to store umbrellas or walking sticks. If your hallway is wide enough having an informal bench or a chair is great for giving people a place to don their coats, shoes and boots. Add cushions made from tartan fabrics for comfort and aesthetic appeal. Shoe storage is always a problem so try and think of storage which fits in with the style of your home. Simple galvanised buckets can give a whimsical, look or cover the outside surface of sturdy boxes with tartan fabric to give your hallway a well thought out look. Using a coat rail or free standing coat rack to keep coats up off the floor or from being thrown nonchalantly over the banister and is a great way to help your hallway from becoming too cluttered. For those who live in older houses may find they have trouble keeping cold draughts out. Using full length tartan curtains uk as a draught excluder can also give your hallway an unique and polished look. If you're concerned about the curtain getting in the way every time the door is opened use a curtain rail which has been specifically designed to combat this problem. When using tartans and plaids think out side of the box a little, there's much more to these fabulous fabrics that blankets and throws. Use a little design flair and your house can be easily transformed into a chic home which oozes style.

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