Lounge-diners became a standard feature as homes became smaller architects came up with new concepts of how to maximise floor space. The lounge-diner or kitchen-diner soon became common place in newly built homes. In a similar way people who lived in terraced homes began knocking down the dividing wall between a small living room and equally as small dining room to make one larger room which provided more actual and visual space. Many small houses today still work on this principle, although the trend is to now place dividers, again actual or visual to make two defined spaces, each with its own identity and purpose. You could place a screen to make the distinction between your living room and dining room very apparent or you could use more subtle changes such as having different flooring in each part of the room; the division then becomes both visual and actual as you will immediately noticed the difference underfoot if the lounge area is carpeted and the dining area wooden or laminate flooring. You can also make a distinction between the two areas with colour, although you want there to be harmony and cohesion you can adjust the colours to define each area simply by choosing darker or paler shades of the same colour. If, for example, the dining end of the room has less natural light paler colours can be used to lighten the room. Likewise in the lounge part a table lamp placed in a dark corner will make the space more usable. In stark contrast of having two areas which are given hypothetical divisions, are contemporary interiors which a minimalistic style. Here lounge diners are one and the same, there's no dining table and chairs just one large area which shares comfortable seating arranged so that an almost Oriental or Japanese home style achieved. This type of interior means that there's a strict rule on not wearing shoes as the floor also becomes the table when eating. Laid back and almost 'hippie like' this informal lounge-diner style is probably best left to those with no young children! If this is the type of style you wish to adopt it's wise to buy large area rugs direct from retailers with Oriental colours and patterns, these can be paired with informal scatter cushions on which to recline. Wood should also be included with this style of interior and although wooden flooring is a 'given' wooden made to measure blinds will provide a great window dressing which is uncomplicated and functional which bodes well with the minimalistic approach.

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