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Interior design ideas – looking forward to christmas – kitchens

There's little doubt that your kitchen will be a hive of activity of the festive season. As such, it's now you should be focusing your attentions on a quick make-over before family and friends arrive and you become embroiled in preparing and cooking festive foods.

As with your lounge and dining room, having a really good clean and clear-out now will help you be less stressed and allow you to concentrate on the festivities. It may be an old cliché, but if you have family arrive you can almost guarantee that their will be a critic amongst them – you know the sort, the people who make glib remarks about what you haven't done in your kitchen since their last visit!

Turn the tables, so to speak, and don't give them any opportunity to pass comments by you making poignant remarks about your new kitchen window blinds or kitchen rugs. Drawing attention to new additions in your kitchen will give these critics little chance of a quick response! But be on the safe side and clean your kitchen windows inside and out so that your new blinds look their best. The aromas of festive cooking will also draw people to your kitchen like a magnet, so why not add a few decorations to set the mood.

Simple ideas such as hanging a wreath at the window or a few twiggy branches with home-made gingerbread biscuits hung with gingham ribbon is a classical way to bring the festive feel to your kitchen. You could also send family members off for a walk on Christmas Eve and ask them to bring back holly, mistletoe and greenery to hang from curtain poles if you have them, if not they can be made into a vase display or simply hung from cupboard door handles.

You can be as festive as you wish, even a basket filled with pine cones and fairy lights will bring festive cheer to the room, especially during the evening. Food is always a great way to accessorise a kitchen. Pile oranges, apples and seasonal fruits into a large platter or basket to encourage people to eat healthily – bowls of nuts and nibbles are always welcomed! This year be one step ahead when it comes to organising and decorating your kitchen, you'll feel more relaxed and in the festive mood even if your dinners and desserts don't go according to plan!

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