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Interior design ideas – looking forward to christmas – entrances and halls

It's true what they say about first impressions count and this also applies to your home. The moment you open your front door you expose your interior to others. If they're greeted with chaos, mess and clutter they will instantaneously make a mental judgement on your home! It's a natural occurrence that even the most gentle and kind person makes as a natural reaction to what they are seeing.

Don't let this be the bug-bear of your festive season – act now and open the metaphorical window to your home with pride. Cheap rugs are a godsend for helping to keep dirt in the hall and not being traipsed through your home. Many people now automatically take their footwear off as they step inside a home – do you have somewhere to store them?

A simple rug placed neatly butted up against the wall is an effective way of keeping footwear tidy. If you entrance or hall is large enough a coat stand is a great investment – if you don't have the floor space a row of coat hooks works equally as well. Try not to throw coats over the banister as this looks untidy and shows little respect for other people's belongings!

A table is also a good idea if you have the space, add a festive dish or plate for people to put their car keys in. Mirrors play an important part in hallways, not only do they allow for last minute adjustments to one's appearance they can also help to create a sense of a larger, lighter and airier space. If you have windows on one or both sides of your front door window blinds are a great way to give you privacy and if you opt for thermal blinds they can help prevent your hallway or entrance from becoming too cold.

In older styled homes a full length curtains across the door can help reduce draughts and retain heat. Look for curtain poles which are specifically designed for doors – these styles enable you to open the door without having to open the curtain first, as well as reducing the chance of the door jamming on the curtains. Don't forget to add decorations to your hall to make it look welcoming for your visitors. Looking for great Christmas inspiration? We have Christmas all Wrapped up – take a look and be inspired!

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