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Interior design ideas – looking forward to christmas – dining rooms

Today we're going to take a look at some interior design ideas for your dining room. This is one room that you'll definitely want to put a little extra effort into and as you'll quite literally have enough on your plate on the day why not start making those little changes now, before you're not too busy? If you dining room is in need of redecoration there are some tricks which you use to tide you over until the New Year. Large rugs are ideal for placing under the table.

Make sure it's large enough to accommodate the chairs – by rule of thumb you should allow a minimum of 12 inches around the perimeter so that chairs can be pulled out and still remain on the rug. Cheap rugs are a great way to disguise a worn carpet or provide a little warmth on people's feet it you have tiled or wooden flooring. Also take a look at your window dressing, family and guests will be gazing out of your dining room window or patio doors as they eat, especially if it starts snowing or has been snowing!

Give your windows a good clean inside and out and they'll still be sparkling over the festive season. Replace tired looking curtains; there are some really stunning ready made pencil pleat curtains available and they'll give your dining room an instant pick-me-up. Likewise if you have window blinds clean them this month and make sure they are functioning correctly – if needs be replace damaged vanes on vertical or Venetian blinds, look online for replacement blind parts.

If your window blinds have a pull cord rather than a wand operating system make sure the cord is kept up high to reduce the risk of choking by babies, toddlers or vulnerable adults. Maybe your dinning room is a little draughty? Fit thermal blinds and you'll not only smarten up your dining room you'll help to retain precious heat inside your home where it belongs!

Your table will be the focal point of the room, so use Christmas themed table linen, red and cream poinsettia designs are ideal for a traditional look. For a more contemporary style trendy table runners and matching napkins will give your table a stylish look. Don't forget table decorations – these can be a simple or extravagant as suits the style of your home and your personality!

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