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Interior design ideas – looking forward to christmas – bathrooms

This may not be quite as strange as it may sound! Many people are embracing the festival season head-on and adding decorations to every room in their home, including their bathroom – and why not, especially as bathrooms have become relaxation spa style retreats and are far more than a place in which to carry out your daily ablutions! In today's modern world we're all trying to find a quite place to relax and unwind in our homes and the bathroom has become one of the top spots for doing so.

Whether you work, run a family or juggle the two, the bathroom is the one room in your home where, in theory, you should be able to spend sometime alone. Over the festive season things can become fraught and tensions run high, what better way to stop and relax, without losing focus on the occasion, than to slip into a hot bath filled with bubbles along with some festive decorations in the bathroom to help re-charge your batteries ready for the next bout of preparation, cooking and entertaining.

Also remember that guests will be using your bathroom and loo, so make sure that it's clean, neat and tidy. Replace window blinds if yours have seen better days, there are plenty of cheap window blinds available in a wide range of styles and colours to suit your bathroom décor, even skylight blinds for bathrooms with roof skylights rather than windows.

If your flooring leaves a lot to be desired look for cheap rugs with a water resistant backing and do away with the typical bathroom trio (bath mat, semi-circular loo mat and handbasin pedestal mat). These are so out-dated and do little (if anything) to enhance the look of a bathroom. Add chic and stylish festive decorations to your vanity unit, a little potted tree will be in keeping without being to over the top.

If you want to make a real show stopper add fairy style lights to your house plants or drape around the mirror – do make sure you think of safety and never add electrical items if there is the remotest chance of them coming into contact with water. If you want to add a twinkle and a sparkle and don't want to use fairy lights candles which give off a scents which remind us of the season are ideal.

Opt for calming seasonal scents which include pine, eucalyptus, mulled wine and spices to help you relax – you could even treat yourself to a pre-Christmas present and choose bath oils or bubbles with festive scents to soak in!

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