Interior Design Ideas for Modern Homes - Stunning, Simplistic Dining

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated
It is not necessary to dramatise your dining room in order to make it gracious and warm. By using the right tones of colour, depth and balance, your room can take on the feeling of a wonderful place for enjoying a meal. You will be able to change accessories easily for any special event or keep to a minimum for a quiet evening dinner. Deciding on Grey or Tan If you are having a hard time with selecting your colour scheme, why not use a couple? Mixing soft natural colours, with balance, can create a brand new modern, simplistic style. Take grey and tan, for an example. Forget about keeping different shades of grey as your only colour, where black and pink are sprinkled around. Neutral is neutral and blending together can make an aesthetic change. Buy an oblong pine finished table and grace with high-backed upholstered fabric. Or keep the chairs all wood and use cheap cushion covers and cheap curtain fabric to make a sack-like cover over the backs. These colours can match your light grey walls and be beautiful around your tan wood table. Glamorous Window Dressings Use your window as the main background attraction with white or light grey voile and full length silver length curtains. Extend the pleated drapes as far as your wall will allow to form a graceful presence. Cheap Rugs Finish the Look The area carpet that goes under your table and chairs, does not have to be lavish and expensive. There are great bargains out there for area rugs that give the appearance of being first-class. Match the shade to your draperies and watch as your room takes on one of refined elegance. Other pieces to warm your dining room can include a large hanging light that can be illuminated to full or soft light. Hang a couple pictures of your favourite modern artist, use plants as depth and use a nice arrangement of fresh flowers for accent. There are no firm rules in creating a modern, simplistic look. Elegance and warmth are manifested by using the right balance of colour that you love. By intermingling a second passive colour into the scene, you will not easily tire of your room, but find it one of your favourite areas to spend time with family and friends.

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