Interior Design Ideas for Modern Homes - Dividing Space with Style

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted
Many people are getting creative with large spaces that seem all but impossible to work with. A large warehouse, turned into individual apartments, is the perfect example of how a bare, unattractive area can be transformed into a chic, modern home. Centrally placed kitchens and living areas are fine for having an arena for relaxing and entertaining, but bedrooms need privacy. Partitions that add Flavour Makeshift walls can take on any type of appearance that you desire. With new technology that uses plastics and wood with insulating qualities, you can now design almost any type of look. Use sections of today's latest materials to create a backdrop of privacy with paint, decals, fabric or wood. This will prepare a separate space that can be designed into a great modern bedroom. Match a Bed A bed that has a modern flair will look stunning and chic against your new makeshift wall when the colours are allowed to blend together. For example, if you have selected a dividing wall and painted it to look like cinder blocks, keep the look alive by adding a platform bed that matches the mood. The square shape will keep within the tone and define a modern style. Watch for a bedding sale and use different tones of the same colour to improve the blend. Simple and distinct, will be the result. Furnishings Choose a dresser and night stand of fruit-wood or brightly painted wood to bring out a passionate feeling. Think stark contrast when shopping and the pieces will add a brilliant form and balance to the room. Add crystal or tall glass vases or bottles to the surface and get ready to flood the room with sunshine. Attractive Window Treatments There is nothing more attractive than a full wall of voile. If you have enough open window space to bring on this airy look, go for it. Sheers of white or light solid colour will open the space, no matter how small it is. If you have a small window, enlarge it by using voile against the pane and tab top curtains that cover the surrounding wall. It will give the appearance of a larger, more dramatic opening. Redecorating a large space can be a lot of fun but don't neglect your privacy in the thrill of it all. Make your bedroom seem quiet, airy and personal by using new materials that expand and delight.

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