Interior Design Ideas for Modern Homes - Comfortable and Soothing

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated
A home of modern style does not have to be filled with glass and chrome where every fingerprint is magnified. If modern design is what you love, but comfort is just as important, here are a few ways to enjoy both. Living Room Built-Ins Using modular or bespoke pieces for creating storage and seating can give your living room the impression of a built-in look. Entertainment centres and bookcases become old news when you surround and protect, your big screen with an extended wall. The fun part is, you can create a focal point with colours and materials, such as brick façade or glossy fronts. Choose your favourite colour and make it the highlight of the room. For extra guests, bring out the seat cushions and use as a ledge for additional seating. Comfortable Seating Select furniture that is comfortable and easy to clean. Recover an old couch, buy some cheap cushion covers, and don't worry about eating a bowl of popcorn. Down play colours by keeping everything neutral, so as to bring out the main attraction of your entertainment area. Find some cheap curtain fabric that is plain and easy to clean for reupholstering and watch as everyone gets comfortable, without fear of soiling your upholstery. Window Treatments Wash your window areas with a voile of white and outline with the same fabric as your couch and walls. Keep the style simple with gathered pleats or use tab top curtains that blend into the background. Use bold lighting in your ceiling, or along walls, that will give you as much or as little light as needed for watching a favourite movie, or having a chat with friends. Chrome is the perfect touch for keeping a modern look, but far enough away from the crowd to keep shiny and beautiful. Flooring Finally, bring out the dominant features of your new built-in look by looking at cheap rugs that match your new built-in area. For example, if you have black and orange as your focus, use a black area rug to pull the room together. Top with a small square coffee table, and you have a carefree, soothing picture of a room that everyone will love. Creating a modern look does not have to encompass a strict, do-not-touch atmosphere. Have the look, but enjoy the features and watch the fun begin.

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