Interior Design Ideas for Modern Homes - Boys Just Like to Have Fun

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Decorating a bedroom for a boy doesn't have to be a daunting challenge. End replacing bedspreads from dinosaurs to footballs, as different passions evolve. Stay on top of the game by using their favourite colour, in a generic way, and let their interests evolve naturally. Bright, Simple, and Sleek Boys are active in everything they do. From rock collecting to sports, there always seems to be an 'on the move' attitude.

Follow that feeling by using a bright colour in a bedroom with green, blue, red or yellow. Bespoke furniture that can create a built-in, sleek and modern appearance, will give them the space necessary to move about freely. Beds, Storage and Seating Pack it all against one wall and the room becomes an arena for playing games, visiting with friends, or having an indoor camp out. Use a simple bunk bed as a starting point and create a cubbyhole for a sofa and book case on the lower level.

Fill one end with a stand-up closet and the other, steps with pull out storage drawers. Straightening up the room will become an easy chore when storage is close at hand.

Bedding and Pillows

You will find that there is no need for bulky duvet covers when bright, matching sheets are blended to the storage doors. Wait for a great boys bedding sale and stock up on plain, bright sheets. Have a thin, warm, blanket on hand for cool nights.

For a nice accent, select a lighter tone of colour to offset the balance, such as orange against red, or aqua against bright blue. Use like colours for cheap cushions, on the sofa, that can be removed and laundered.

Windows and Floors

Keep the window treatment plain and straight. A single mini-blind or white ready made Roman blinds will keep the sunlight controlled and material out of the way of active boys.

An area rug of the same bright colours as the storage cabinets will set off the room. Don't be afraid to buy cheap rugs that are soft and fluffy. You'll find the group of boys using the floor more, as opposed to the sofa. It can be easy to keep a modern feel to a boy's room by thinking straight lines, one selection of colour, and packing it all together. Use a side chair, bean bag or hanging swing in a corner, and watch the fun begin.

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