Interior Design Ideas for Modern Homes - A Kitchen of Grace and Warmth

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted
Many modern kitchens give the appearance of a sterilised laboratory. By using colour and balance, you can have the latest built-in features, while generating a warm, graceful place for cooking. No Flashy Tones against Windows Bright colours do not have to be used in order to bring out a pleasing atmosphere for family and friends in the kitchen. Take that cheap curtain fabric of calico or sunflowers and replace with white honeycomb kitchen blinds. Adjusting the light will be much easier and the insulating qualities, remarkable. If you have a large plate glass window or sliding door, there are custom-made sizes that will work. Sustainable Cabinets Bespoke cabinets or inexpensive, separate drawers, cabinets and storage units, can let you mix and match any space that you have to fill. Use Italian-style fronts of grey, beige or green, and watch how your room begins to transform into a showcase of beauty. Use a shiny and well-made counter-top that is resistant to chips, a few shades lighter than your base cabinets. There is nothing that says above cabinets have to match your base. In fact, for a warm feeling, day or night, use translucent fronts and lace with under cabinet lights. Flooring Materials Flooring materials have changed dramatically over the past 20 years. The perfect type of floor to use in a modern kitchen is stone. Stone is very expensive but new linoleum or tile can give a very compatible appearance of the real thing. Look at the different types of materials and styles available and use to outfit your new kitchen. Hiding Appliances No matter how nice an appliance looks, it can ruin the look of a designer kitchen by taking up a large amount of space. When selecting cabinet material, look at large storage cabinets that work very well in creating a built-in look for appliances. Insert a refrigerator, oven or microwave, and keep everything square, sharp and in balance with the whole room. Creating a favourite modern kitchen takes some planning. Plumbing, lighting, and evening out spaces can take some skill, but put your plans on paper and know what you want. A kitchen that is allowed to flow with adjoining rooms can make the world of difference. If you have a modern flair throughout your home, let the kitchen flow right along with it, naturally and beautifully. The outcome will be one of grace, warmth and be a welcoming sight for all.

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