Interior design ideas for master bedrooms 6: a touch of retro

In this the penultimate post in our master bedrooms mini-series we're going to step back in time to bring you a touch of retro using iconic patterns and colour combinations. This up-dated version of retro brings new colour tones to provide a contemporary and very stylish look which can be used in all styles of homes. With an energetic colour scheme a retro bedroom style looks great with a mixture of cream, blue and red.

With geometric patterned wallpaper and curtain fabrics your bed can be left plain using modern double duvet covers and placing a retro bedspread on top to give you the creature comforts you've grown used to along with the retro look. If the thought of candlewick bedspreads brings you out in a cold sweat, modern alternatives work just as well! Use plain net curtains or voile panels to soften the wallpaper while still being able to see the pattern.

If you place your bed in front of the window blackout curtains with a retro pattern make a great back drop and will enable you to be undisturbed by unwanted light pollution. To add a sense of balance and cohesion try using similar geometric patterns for the curtains and wallpaper. We're not talking identical or matching as this would probably look too kitsch, just those which have some similarity will work fine. Modern flooring can have large area rugs placed at an acute angle to add interest.

Keep the rugs plain to coordinate with the bedspread and so that they don't distract the eye from the patterns. No retro bedroom would be complete with a funky pendant light-shade (remember the large paper globes that everyone seemed to have? - these would be ideal!). Simple storage with curved edges will bring the geometric and circular shapes together tastefully. To get this look right you may like to look around for authentic pieces of furniture, but as this style is becoming very popular you may have to pay high prices.

Alternatives include scouting around second-hand shops or asking a family member who just hasn't kept up with the times to see if they have some retro pieces they're willing to part with – you may be surprised at what some people hang on too! Look for curtain fabrics online to find geometric patterns in different two-tone colours, remember to use cream rather than white for paintwork to give a more mellow and soften look.

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