Interior design ideas for master bedrooms 4: contemporary green

As we continue our look at master bedroom interior design ideas for you to be inspired by today we turn our attention to green, and in this case we predominately mean the colour rather than saving energy – although this all comes into the equation when you're looking at interior designs. Space and light are the most obvious places to start on any contemporary design, however, space is what is lacking for most of us!

Contemporary design is all about sleek clean lines without any sign of family life, which basically means if you want a chic and stylish bedroom you simply can't have any clutter! Light is the next issue to consider and while during the day you want as much natural light as you can flooding into the room during the evening or sleeping hours total darkness is ideal.

The use of blackout curtains or blackout blinds is becoming increasingly popular in all styles of homes and just because their name suggests black in fact you can get white or cream coloured blackout linings to fit your curtains. The use of net curtains has seen a revival although these modern styles are commonly referred to as voiles as they are typically plain rather than lacy.

Whichever style of net curtains you use for privacy make sure that if they're meant to be white that they are. Dingy and dull nets or voiles will do very little to enhance the look of your windows and as they are so inexpensive you can easily change them to keep your room looking bright and white. If you don't have a privacy issue them lined voile curtains can look extremely stylish, more especially when they are full length.

Muted and toned down green is one of this season's colours that will easily see you through to next Spring. Contemporary bedroom often have plain coloured walls which enables you to add patterns and textures in other directions, such as the use of wall art, patterned rugs and patterned duvet cover sets. Try and think outside the 'box' to create a contemporary interior which suits the style of your home. You may not have a huge bedroom, but you can still have style – it's will simply be on a smaller scale. Remember size doesn't always matter, it's the concept, colours and textures and soft furnishings which will make or break a room's design.

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