Interior Design Ideas for Master Bedrooms 1: New Romantics

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

This week we'd like to share with you some of the fabulous master bedroom interior design trends and ideas to give you something to ponder over and use within your own home. Romantic bedrooms don't have to be overly feminine with an abundance of lace and heart shaped bed cushions, in today's world men also share or have their own ideas and notions on the décor and colour scheme of the master bedroom – and these in turn don't necessarily have to scream 'sex'!

Although red and pink are the colours that are most associated with romance there are many other beautiful colours that can be used to create a fresh new romantic look. From the on-trend muted plum, burnt orange, teal and charcoal grey to soft pastels and rich dark tones. Go Neutral: This may sound as if you're sitting on the fence, but in reality neutrals are a good base on which to start. You can add pops of your favourite colour to spice the room up.

Teal double duvet covers coordinated with a neutral cream or light tan as these colours offer a gentle look which isn't based on frills and lace. Add a Sparkle to your Bedroom! Adding a metallic or sparkle is a great way to revive a tired looking bedroom. Opt for embellished duvet cover sets, bed cushions and bed throws to liven up your bedroom without having to completely redecorate. Add in a variety of tactile textures such as silk, satin and velvet for a modern romantic look. Jewel Tones: If you love dark colours then you could include one of these as your accent colour.

Don't go overboard and use too much otherwise you run the risk of making your bedroom dark and gloomy rather than rich with jewels! Deep emerald green, dark sapphire blue and gorgeous ruby reds can be coordinated with paler tones to make them stand out and become the focal point. Super king bedding in a deep jewelled colour looks stunning when combined with ivory, silver or gold. Lower the lighting: Metaphorically lower the light to create a romantic atmosphere.

Use bedside table lamps and dimmer switches on central lighting to lower the bright lights. Continue you colour scheme and design style by including an appropriate window dressing in your accent colour. Blackout curtains are a good idea and will help to set a romantic ambience. If you're going to use candles do so wisely as many house fires are accidentally started by candles being placed too near curtains or bed linen and being left unattended. The notion may be romantic but that will soon fade if misfortune strikes.

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