Interior design ideas for living rooms: create glamour

What is glamour? - as with many things if life the term varies from person to person and a design which one thinks is glamorous another will frown upon. By definition glamorous means alluring, which in turn means attractiveness – so as in the opening sentence what constitutes glamour is down to the eye of the beholder! Within the world of interior design these sentences are also true, however, there does appear to be a consensus of opinion which highlights key features in any living room which is deemed glamorous.

Window dressing

The choice of window dressing will be a major player when trying to create glamour. Full length curtains and drapes are a must, however you can also use cheap curtains, such as full length lightweight voiles to create a glamorous window dressing.


Most people will agree that glamorous may not be the most suitable word to describe a floor! - yet if you think of highly polished marble floors or thick shag pile carpets both can add glamour to a living room just as long as they're kept in pristine condition.


From antique to contemporary-modern, glamours furniture are those pieces which ooze style and craftsmanship and are typically made from high quality materials. Reflective surfaces can also add glamour to a living room – glass and polished metals are good examples of furniture which has style and glamour.


As we know accessories can make or break the look of a room. It's far better to go for one or two decorative pieces of quality than filling your living room with lots of accessories which look cheap and tacky. As with full length curtains, glamorous living rooms always have floor and/or table lamps. These should, of course, compliment the style of the room and not be too large so as to dominate or too small that they become insignificant.


Again we come back to personal preferences, however, lighter colours can be complimented with dark to provide a rich and luxury look. Choose colours which have a regal or majestic associations, such as Royal blue or purple along with jewelled tones and precious metals. Lightweight sheer purple curtains used to highlight a feature window will add a touch of glamour to a living room. Stop and think about how you would describe glamour, the colours, the textures and the materials you'd use. Make these your starting point and once you've painted a mental image or better still make a concept board so that you don't forget anything!

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