Interior Design Ideas for Kitchens: New Extension

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Sometimes the kitchen in your home isn't big enough and is therefore not suitable for your needs. In these circumstances, having an extension built on to your kitchen gives you the much needed space without having to actually move house. Of course, having an extension also gives you an excuse to spruce up your existing kitchen space, while ensuring the extension blends in well with your existing interior design.

The most important thing to remember when adding an extension to your kitchen is that it fits in with the flow of the room. This ensures it doesn't look like a room you simply added on as an afterthought. Because your extension is new, you may want to give your entire kitchen a fresh lick of paint. This gives you the opportunity to change your colour scheme.

Red is very much the 'in' colour at the moment for kitchens, but you may want to complement it with a lighter colour such as white to prevent the room looking dark. If your existing cabinets and cupboards are a dark colour, choose something lighter for your walls. This will give an illusion of space and make the most of any natural light. An extension will also give you the chance to have furnishings that may not necessarily have fit in to your kitchen before.

An island, a stand-alone collection of kitchen cabinets and drawers, offers extra workspace and storage. A large kitchen island could also accommodate dining space, doubling up as a handy breakfast bar. Simply add kitchen stools to one side and you will have space for two or three people to eat. Consider having a sky light added to your kitchen's extension, not only will this encourage more light into your kitchen, a skylight looks stylish too.

You can leave the window bare or you can purchase Velux blinds, this will depend on whether your extension is overlooked by another property. Stick to light coloured blinds as these will offer shade on a warm day without compromising your light. A tiled floor is easy to clean and will help bring the main part of your kitchen and the extension together.

Matching cheap rugs will also help enhance the continuity. If you like the minimalist look, you can keep your main kitchen area clear of accessories and cooking utensils instead keeping them in the extension. Large cupboards will make ideal storage, as will wall shelving. Remember to keep any new furniture or appliances you buy for the extension in line with the colour scheme in your kitchen.

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