Interior Design Ideas for Kitchens: Bistro

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

The word bistro may invoke images of 19th century French charm, but it is also very much linked with 21st century style. Whereas bistro kitchen styles of the past may have appeared old fashioned, today it actually incorporates much more modern elements and therefore, has a more contemporary feel. Although bistro-style has managed to stay crisp and almost quaint, in modern kitchens of today it has a much more up-to-date feel.

There are most certainly no rules when it comes to creating a bistro-style kitchen, although there are certain things you should take into account if you want to stay true to the theme. Creating this type of kitchen is easy and does not mean you have to completely overhaul your kitchen, as you can work with what you have got and add some interior design ideas of your own to make you kitchen unique to you. Most commonly a bistro kitchen will consist of bright white walls and stylish black accents, usually tile splash backs, cupboards and surfaces.

While this colour scheme is fine for your bistro kitchen, adding hues of grey will instantly update the look. Alternatively, you could use more white; for example, use white counter-tops with black cupboards and have light grey splash backs. If you are not updating your current kitchen cupboards, consider painting them and simply replacing the work surface. Most bistro kitchens have restaurant inspired flooring, usually black and white tiles or light wooden flooring. You can use whatever you think will complement the rest of your kitchen, along with cheap rugs to help add style and keep you feet warm in the winter!

One aspect which shouldn't be overlooked in the choice of kitchen curtains; all bistros have cafe-style curtains covering the bottom third of the window and are an important part of the overal look and feel. Bistro chairs, usually stools or small wicker chairs usually seen in cafés, are a 'must have' addition to your kitchen if you have the room. If you have a kitchen island or spare area of work surface, use this as a breakfast bar with the chairs lined up against it.

Alternatively, invest in a small round bistro table, the ideal place to have a quick coffee with a friend. Fun accessories for your kitchen can really help you bring this style to life. For example, a chalkboard containing details of your shopping list or week's appointments will inspire that French café feel. If you are really feeling brave, you can purchase a chalkboard border for your kitchen wall and add the name of spices or your favourite dishes.

Vintage posters, preferably featuring art concentrating on food, will help add that authentic bistro feel to your kitchen. A small chandelier or a light fixture with ornate glass shades will add a classy finishing touch to your new bistro.

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