Interior Design Ideas for Children's Bedrooms using Yellow

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Yellow was used far more frequently in the past as a neutral colour choice for a baby's nursery – this was the days before parents knew which gender their baby was prior to the birth. Today soft yellows are stilled used for a nursery, while the bright, more vibrant yellows are a popular colour choice for toddlers bedrooms. As yellow is a primary colour you can also create your own bespoke colour scheme by mixing it with other primary's, (blue, red), as well as making different shades by adding black or white.

Any colour which has yellow undertones will create a stunning colour choice and also bring a natural warmth to a bedroom. Rarely do you see an entire room decorated in yellow, this is due in part to the amount of yellow the eye sees the more intense the colour becomes – which can lead to visual confusion. Studies have shown that a deep saturation of yellow can make babies cry more – so avoid using too much yellow if you want a peaceful place for your baby to sleep!

Add accents of other bright colours such as red, blue or orange and the bedroom will become stylishly chic and modern. If you're going to use yellow for the walls it's a good idea to choose bedding and curtains in a contrast colour. It's easy to reverse this by using yellow as the accent rather than the main background colour. Look for cheap curtains in yellow, along with duvet sets and rugs to marry the colour combinations together.

Plain or patterned duvet cover sets in accent colours can also be used and although we're deliberately shying away from blue boys and pink girls rooms and aiming for a more unisex approach, the accent colours you choose can also help to denote the gender of your child. For example, pink stripes or patterns on bedding leans towards girls, while using blue circles, stripes or patterns favours boys.

It's strange how although we make conscious decisions to steer away from these stereotypical traits, they seen to be involved somewhere along the line; unless of course, you or your child is vehemently opposed to be seen to be favouring colours simply because of their associations with a specific gender. By using a bright shade of yellow a child's bedroom will be filled with a sense of fun and cheerfulness - it's hard not to smile when you see sunshine yellow, making it the ideal colour choice for children's bedrooms.

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