Interior design ideas for children's bedrooms using red

Mid-tone, pale or bright, red is available in a wide variety of shades each having its own uniqueness and presence in a child's bedroom. While girls may favour red with pink or purple undertones, boys may favour darker crimson reds. For toddlers post box red is a bright primary colour which will energise a child's room and can be used as the main colour, as an accent against white or used in combination with other primary colours. As with any child's room making use of available space is imperative.

Bunk beds are always a good space saving idea, today's styles and designs mean that you don't have to have one bunk directly above the other. Built-in wardrobes and drawers, computer and games tables along with off-set upper bunk-bed are just a few of the options available; all providing plenty of storage which as we know is an important consideration in bedrooms, especially children's as they accumulate toys which they're reluctant to part with! Whichever type of bunk bed you use the bedding needs to be easy to change, as any parent will tell you tales of them clambering and climbing trying to fit sheets to top beds which are pushed up against a wall!

Duvet sets have made changing bedding a whole lot easier and while it may look neat and tidy to tuck them under the mattress it isn't really that necessary. Don't forget when you look at interior design rooms they are immaculate for a purpose! Back to red children's room – plain red, striped or patterned duvet cover sets can be chosen to fit with the theme of the room. Red pillows and cushions can be piled onto the bottom bunk or single bed to make a comfortable place to relax with siblings or friends or simply to have some quiet time.

Choose rugs in the same shade of red and the bedding to create a cohesive and balanced look to the room. Shag pile rugs will add a robust, yet comfortable contrast to plain wooden flooring and help to ground the colour scheme. The choice of window dressing is personal preference, however, childrens curtains with a blackout lining or used with blackout roller blinds (with a wand operating system , rather than pull cords) will help keep out unwanted light, which will hopefully mean that young children aren't awake as soon as the cock crows!

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