Interior design ideas for children's bedrooms using orange

Bringing a natural warmth to a child's bedroom orange shades, from peach to vibrant citrus, can be used for either boy's or girl's rooms. The colour can also be used in conjunction with many other colours to create a bedroom with is soothing and relaxing when the pale shades are used, to a room full of fun and energy when the more vibrant shades are used.

If you opt for the more peachy shades you can co-ordinate with light coloured wooden furniture, such as ash, to create a room which is down to earth, including the colour scheme. This natural look and approach can also make small rooms appear larger and may also assist in addressing 'green' issues without going anywhere near the colour green.

Plain white bedding and duvet sets marry in with the light and natural colour scheme beautifully and keep the room feeling and looking neutral, light and airy. Include wooden or natural materials for accessories such as wicker storage baskets and bamboo window blinds – err on the side of caution when using window blinds which are operated by pull cords in young children's rooms and choose wand operated window blinds whenever you can. Think about window dressing colours to compliment the room.

Blackout childrens curtains don't have to be dark coloured as the blackout properties are in the lining rather than the curtain fabric itself; and contrary to popular belief blackout linings aren't black! - they're either white or cream – which means you can have orange curtains and still have the benefits of blackout properties. If you opt for the brighter more citrous oranges highlight with another bright colour such as red – too much orange can easily be an disaster as the saturation of intense colour is too much for the eyes to take in.

Deliberately colour clashing (by using orange and red or orange and purple) is bang on-trend and a great way to take a child's bedroom up a level in terms of design and your child's age. Don't be afraid to try unusual colour combinations, orange is a surprisingly easy colour to work with and will bridge your child's age transitions with ease.

Even teens rooms can use orange with black or gun metal grey to create a more mature interior design style and colour scheme. As this year's Pantone colour is Tangerine Tango, orange is the colour of the year – which should keep the finicky of children happy knowing that their bedroom is bang on-trend!

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