Interior design ideas for children's bedrooms using lilac

Today children are very fashion and trend conscious as any parent will tell you! In this week's mini-series we're going to take a look at interior design ideas for children's bedrooms that are unisex – which means we're not going to go anywhere near the typical blue or pink that are usually associated with children's bedrooms. Lilac is a great colour to chose as it sits comfortably between blue and pink – the darker the tone the more blue undertones the colour will have, while the paler shades have more red undertones and favour pink.

The are a couple of key aspects which should be included in a child's room; practicality being number one; functionality is a close second. It's may sound very obvious that these two factors should be given first consideration; however if you're on a small budget and/or are pushed for space it can be difficult to incorporate either of these factors into the design.

Practicality: Don't make things hard for yourself or your child – go for the easy option without taking any risks on safety. For example, bunk beds are practical and also ideal space savers, however, for young children there is a risk that they can use the top bunk as a jumping platform so make sure that you reduce any potential choking hazards – such as dressing-gown cords – well out of reach. A soft landing may also be something worth considering, a deep piled rug won't necessarily prevent broken bones but it will reduce the risk!

Functionality: It goes without saying that the room also has to be functional; there should be a sleep area – namely the bed – and a play area or work station area depending on the age of your child. Functionality and Practicality: Bedding should be both practical and functional – duvet sets are always a good investment and can be plain lilac or patterned with lilac included. Window blinds are an effective way to dress windows either as the sole window dressing or used in conjunction with childrens curtains.

Blackout curtains are also well worth taking into consideration not only to prevent light from entering the room but they can also help as an insulator to keep heat in during the winter as well as helping to prevent heat build-up in the summer. Storage is also a key factor – if you don't want your child's room looking like a disaster zone make sure you provide plenty of storage space. Keep the colour scheme easy and on-trend – you don't have to complicated wall decals and fancy bed-frames to create a stunning bedroom that children of all ages will love.

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