Interior Design Ideas for Children's Bedrooms using Black & White

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Black and white may seem an unusual colour scheme for a child's bedroom, however, this monochromatic scheme is not solely being used in children's rooms they're also being used as a chic and stylish look for nurseries! This may sound rather odd for a baby but if you live in a contemporary home black and white can look cute if you use the colours carefully.

One of the greatest advantages of using black and white is the economies that can be made, for example white paint and bedding is often lower in cost that its coloured counterparts. All white walls and flooring can look sterile and cold, however, once you start bringing in black furniture and soft furnishings a surprisingly warming look comes together.

Black and white duvet cover sets, with a sharply defined pattern, will look chic and stylish or you may prefer white to be the more dominant colour – be careful that by using too much white, the duvet sets don't simply disappear visually against a plain white wall. Black rugs, with a deep pile or soft velour finish, will add texture and comfort to a plain floor. Blackout roller blinds or cheap curtains in black or white will be in keeping with the colour scheme.

The key principles to success is to include a variety of accessories with a pattern or print – they need to be kept black and/or white, so monochromatic photographs or stencilled wall art and decals are the way to go. With this modern children's bedroom design you mustn't loose focus on the concept of the colour scheme by being tempted to add a pop of another colour somewhere.

Although this is no great sin, and can look stunning, it will change the dynamics and visual appeal of the room dramatically. Black and white colour schemes are a perfect compromise when tween or teens ask for black bedrooms! By using a dominance of white children's bedroom looks cool and on-trend rather than dark and gloomy.

Swapping black to the more dominant colour will also look stunning, just remember to include white bedding, curtains and accessories in abundance, otherwise you do run the risk of creating a black hole! For younger children blackboard walls and white chalk will allow for drawing on the walls and is a great way to bring a modern look to children's bedroom whether they are tots or teens.

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