In our final post celebrating the Chinese Year if the Black Water Dragon we turn our attentions to guest rooms. Sometimes these rooms can be lacking identity and purpose as it's all too easy to turn a guest room into a dumping ground for anything which doesn't have storage space or needs to be hidden from view – for example piles of ironing! However, we believe you should start the new year as you mean to go on, and transform this often neglected room into a proper guest room to 'wow' your family and friends. Flooring: Plain flooring is preferable as this will allow you to bring in patterns on the walls or soft furnishings without the fear of them clashing with each other. If you opt for a neutral coloured floor this will also allow you to re-decorate without the added expensive of having to but new fitted carpets. Plain floors will also give you the opportunity to use large rugs to help ground your décor and colour scheme. Walls: Light coloured plain walls can give the illusion of a larger space as well as enabling you to add colour as accents. If you wish to use wallpaper try and choose a small overall pattern with a light background as this won't be too overwhelming in a small room. Lustre paint or shiny, reflective wallpapers are on-trend and are a superb way to help a room look and feel light and airy. Lighting: Make sure that the lighting isn't too gloomy as this can make small rooms feel oppressive. Bedside table lamps are a 'must' – either one each side of a double bed or one placed in between twin beds. Look for lamp bases with a Chinese theme such as ceramic bases modelled on ginger or spice jars. Furniture: Black lacquered furniture is typically Chinese and offers a new look to a guest room. A faux four-poster styled bed can be made from wood and painted gloss black to compliment the cupboards. Soft Furnishings: Full length ready made curtains uk will add height to the room and exaggerate the size of the window. Black faux fur bed throws and cheap duvet covers bought in a bedding sale in jade green will give a look of luxury without costing a fortune. Accessories: Be selective with your accessories. Simple, yet stylish storage jars will add an oriental look, a mirror and easy chair is all you need to keep the room from becoming too cluttered.

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