It's easy to get a Chinese style look in your bedroom. As red is a favourite colour for good health and good fortune in the East, here in the West we often use red in the bedroom as a symbol – intentional or not – of romance and love. Incorporate the two and you have a winning combination to refresh the look of your bedroom with some of this year's interior design trends. Flooring: As wood plays an important part in Chinese design, wooden flooring is an ideal choice for a bedroom. Use a mid tone colour to give style and warmth to the room. For creature comforts include a large pattern rug and rather than the more traditional UK bedroom style place the rug at the end of the bed rather than two smaller ones each side – unless you have tiled or a stone floor in which case the UK two small rugs either side of the bed may be more fitting to step onto as you get out of bed. Walls: Use natural materials and earth tone colours to get the look. Red bricks offer an up-beat loft apartment style which is bang on-trend this year. Other wise you can choose between plain painted walls in soft red hues or patterned wall paper with a Chinese theme, such as toile fabric with water gardens. Lighting: Soft, muted lighting is ideal for all styles of bedroom. Bedside table lamps are perfect for a traditional look while large floor lamps with bulbous ceramic bases provide a up-to-date approach to bedroom lighting. Furniture: The bed should be relatively plain and preferably wooden to get the look. Chests and trunks are ideal storage for clothes and shoes. If you have an untidy area, use a silk screen to 'hide' or disguise the mess! The bedroom should be clutter free to enable good Chi to flow correctly. You'll also need to choose the position of your bed wisely as Feng Shui says that you shouldn't be able to see out of the open door when lying in bed. Soft Furnishings: Red quilted bed throws and duvet cover sets in plain red or even black are ideal. If you want a pattern this year's Black Water Dragon sees striped being used for bedding and throws. Accessories: Include cheap cushions as accessories and rather than placing them on the bed in a typical manner, use them on floor rugs to create a relaxed, calming and informal look.

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