Interior Design Ideas: Bedroom Colour Revivals - Red, White & Blue

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Of course we're going to see the patriotic colours of red, white and blue popping up everywhere as the Queen and country celebrate her Diamond Jubilee. These up-beat colours are also being used to bring together a sense of kinsman-ship during these austere times. With one foot stepping back to the 1970's, electric blues, vivid reds and bright whites may not be the true colours of the Union flag but they can help to add cheer to our homes this summer.

These colours are also being predicted to be somewhat of a passing phase as we celebrate the Diamond Jubilee in June before swiftly moving onto the Olympics where of course we'll be going for gold! As such its not wise to spend copious amounts of money on décor and soft furnishings for your bedroom, cheap curtains in red or blue, bed throws, plain or patterned and plain white, blue or red window blinds are ideal ways to show your support for the country and to keep your bedroom looking patriotic this summer.

You may not want to fly the flag from your bedroom window, (although there's little doubt that many people up and down the country will!); but you can use these wonderful colour combinations to bring a bright new look to your bedroom. If you use white as your base colour it's easy to add colour pops of blue and red with your soft furnishings and of course these can then be changed to gold, silver and bronze without the need to redecorate or spend too much money.

Printed duvet sets or low price luxury bedding are effective ways to give your bed a new look. Simple throw cushions in the three colours will help bring the look together very nicely. If you really want to proudly show your love for the country, large rugs with a union flag pattern are a fun and trendy addition to bedroom floors! As we've seen this week there are many colour revivals within the world of interior design; many are similar colours but with a new fresh name, while others are truly a blast from the past. Whichever you chose to use there's plenty of interior design ideas online for you to be inspired by or for you to adopt; so take the bull by the horns so to speak and freshen up your bedroom this summer.

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