Interior design ideas: bedroom colour revivals – olive

Once again we look back to the 70's when olive and avocado green were hitting the top of the 'must have' colour charts. Olive green quickly lost its position as people thought the colour was depressing and murky. With yellow undertones olive green is making a come-back within the world of interior design, partly due to people's need to feel reconnected to all things natural, as well as being a colour which is surprisingly warm and easy to live with.

Like many colours olive green is also known under new names, such as thyme, ivy and caper – all of which are shade variations of olive. Whatever name you (or the colour experts) want to call it olive green is bang on-trend and is a beautiful colour to use in your home. Forget about the citrus lime, moss and pea greens by giving you home a Mediterranean warmth with olive. We mustn't forget that olive is a colour which can be paired and coordinated with many other colours, take for example stuffed olives you buy in a supermarket, with the little showing of red they look delicious and you can translate this by using red and olive as your colour scheme.

Or why not turn to olive groves for your colour inspiration? Earthy tones and mellow yellows are gentle on the eye, warm and inviting. In the bedroom full length olive curtains coordinated with a shade or two lighter on the walls compliments luxury bedding in neutral tones. Bedding isn't the only place where you can use olive successfully, help ground the colour by using large rugs in olive green or an earthy red. Alternatively you could focus on bringing out the yellow undertones of olive green by using a soft yellow as an accent colour in your bedroom.

By including a variety of textures, such as cheap curtains with a satin sheen finish making them appear to shimmer as the light reflect from the surface, duvet cover sets in crisp cotton and rugs with a deep plush pile, your bedroom will be full of interest and colour – a far cry from olive green being depressing and murky! It's time to forget about the 1970's avocado green which, unless you're going retro, should be discarded and bring natural olive into your bedroom to create a warm and relaxing ambience which is stylishly chic and elegant.

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