In the 90's magnolia was the colour to paint your walls, now when we mention magnolia you can visually see the colour drain from people's faces as well as their walls! Regarded as a staple colour in many homes magnolia has never really gone out of fashion, it's just been reborn with new names which grab our attention, many making a link to nature to engage our need to feel more responsible for our natural environment. However, magnolia per se remains a classical colour which will never really date or go out of fashion; basically because it's a neutral colour which offers the ability to be used as a base or background colour onto which we can add other complimentary colours to achieve a chic and stylish look in our homes. The same principles apply to our furniture, flooring and soft furnishings – against a neutral background colour such as magnolia we can add the latest colour trends without the need to completely redecorate a room. This in itself is a cost effective way to keep your home on-trend with the newest colour, various fabric patterns and materials. The colour you choose for your home also reflects your own personality and interior design styles. It makes logical sense that if you're an out-going person you will probably include bright splashes of colour to your room via, for example, large rugs, bedding or cheap curtains. Those with a more inward personality will feel more at ease with soft neutrals, such as magnolia or pale beige. Today interior designers are abandoning the idea that small bedrooms should be painted in light colours to make them appear larger. They're suggesting that mid-tones can make bedrooms feel cosier and warmer with the use of complimentary coloured duvet sets. Another on-trend tip is to paint your walls and ceiling the same colour as this will do away with the wall-ceiling divide and actually make the room seem larger and the ceiling higher. However, for those who prefer to stay within their comfort zone and stay loyal to magnolia their bedrooms can be lifted from bland and boring simply by using a variety of textures and patterns of their soft furnishings. For example, a dark shag pile rug can look stunning against pale coloured flooring; white bedding will show the subtle colour distinction between magnolia and crisp white. Although many people will say that magnolia belongs in the 90's it's true to say that this neutral colour will remain popular simply because it offers a versatile colour choice in all kinds of homes.

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