Interior design ideas: adding a touch of teal to living rooms

Patterns, texture and beautiful colour combinations are the most important features in any interior design. This week we're going to share ideas of adding one of this year's on-trend colours of teal to your living room. Available from the palest sea foams to deep intense shades of peacock, teal is a surprisingly adaptable colour which works well with a wide variety of coordinating or complimentary colours.

We begin in the living room where teal can be teamed with creams and white to create a more traditional style of décor; while purple and teal are fabulous complimentary colours for modern styles homes. If you want a chic contemporary living room mix bright jewelled teal with fuchsia pink to really make a statement. The proportion of colours can be looked at in several ways; you can go for the 50-50 two way colour scheme; 60-40 where one colour is slightly more dominant than the other or an eclectic mix of varying shades in disproportionate amounts.

The choice is of course up to you, but you should take into consideration the size of your living and how and where the natural light is coming from. In living rooms with a north facing window it would be wise to choose the paler shades of teal and team them with creams, whites or misty greys to keep the room as light as possible during the daytime. Large windows will be able to take teal curtains without interfering too much with the amount of natural light entering the room, while small windows would probably be better off using cream or white curtains and using teal somewhere in the room – for example, on wallpaper and soft furnishings.

Large rugs in teal are a great way to help ground the colour and offer a thick plush pile to bring texture to your living room floor; they are ideal for deep jewelled teal colour schemes. Add a range of different textures, styles and shades of teal by adding cushions and throws to your sofa and chairs. In fact you only need three or four soft furnishings to bring your living room up to date; teal curtains, teal rugs, teal cushions and throws! A great way to get a new look with completely redecorating your living room. As we said at the beginning teal works well with so many other colours you really won't go far wrong including the colour to your existing colour scheme.

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