Interior Design Ideas: Adding A Touch of Teal to Children's Bedrooms

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Finding colours for children's for children's bedrooms which will last a least a couple of years can be difficult! We know that children can be very pedantic when it comes to choosing colour schemes, however, in the current economic climate it isn't feasible to re-decorate every year. As such you and your child or children will have to decide on a colour scheme which can be tweaked by changing soft furnishings and accessories rather than re-decorated too often.

Teal isn't a colour which is typically associated with children's bedrooms, however, if you want a fresh colour which suits both boys and girls it's well worth investigating a little further. As teal isn't a 'true' blue, neither is it a 'true' green, it makes a winning combination which can be used as the main or accent colour in a child's bedroom. For a three-way colour scheme which is vibrant and fresh teal, white and on-trend tangerine work really well together.

To add further interest to the room spots and stripes on bed sheets and pillow slips can sit comfortably next to plain teal bedding without being too imposing or overpowering. As we know white provides us with a blank canvass to which we can other colours to bring a room alive. Teal bedding, a Roman blind or teal bedroom curtains (for those who are opposed to using blinds in children's rooms due to safety concerns) are vibrant and fresh without being overly garish or gaudy.

Add a splash of colour to the floor with large rugs in a contrasting colour which will also make an ideal play area and help to deaden the sound of children's feet in rooms below – the patter of tiny feet is one thing, the thud of older children's feet is another! It's also a good idea to have a bed in a bag handy in the airing cupboard or stored under the bed ready for when sleep-overs begin in earnest. A bed in a bag gives you all the bedding (duvet cover, pillow slip and usually a bed runner) you need to make up a spare sleeping place without having to hunt around to find matching items - again large rugs can come in very useful for making flooring softer if you don't have an actual spare bed for your child's friends to sleep on – most children love 'camping out' and you may find that they all decide to sleep on the floor even though beds are vacant!

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