Interior Design Ideas: Adding A Touch of Teal to Bedrooms

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Bright, breezy and using two of this year's lemonade shades, teal and lime green offer a striking colour scheme for bedrooms. Throw in a touch of pure white bedding and the ensemble suits modern and traditional interiors which need a new lease of life. With brights on-trend again this year you won't necessarily have to include any pattern per se in the room, however, to prevent the bedroom from looking flat a variety of textures and materials is essential.

Luxury bedding, such as quilted bed throws in teal can be complimented with lightweight teal curtains to create a modern four poster bed effect. Click here to see our stunning range of Spring voiles and sheers. If you want to tone down things down a little white curtains will create the same effect and take centre stage. The bed is typically the focal point of any bedroom (of course there are always exceptions), so it's here that you want the eye to be draw to. Modern beds which have curtains are more for aesthetics in the UK, hop across the Channel and head south and the bed-curtains will take on a more functionary role of helping to keep biting gnats and worse at bay – just remember that in order for this to be effective your four-poster will also have to include curtain or fabric topping.

Stone and tiled floors will give you the look and feel of hotter climates, but you're feet won't thank you on cold mornings unless you have underfloor heating! Large rugs can not only help to ground your colour scheme they'll also provide warmth on the chilliest of mornings. Without any pattern in a bedroom you'll need to make sure that your accessories add interest to the room. Whatever your colour combinations make sure that accessories are in keeping with the style of the room and are one of your chosen colours – if you start adding different colours the bedroom can begin to look clutter and lose its identity, go along the lines of the less is more, and add more pieces to build-up the look rather than trying to cram too much into the room from the outset. Plain walls need to be included when choosing accessories; large wall art and mirrors are ideal if you have a large bedroom, if not scale things down a little so that they don't dominate the room entirely.

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