Interior design ideas: adding a touch of teal to bathrooms

For our last post this week we're going to drop a few shades to bring a pale teal bathroom which has undertones of sea-foam – the ideal colour for all styles of bathrooms, from traditional to contemporary. This delicate teal gives a fresh look and compliments chrome and white effortlessly. Today's bathrooms are geared around having a relaxing experience, depending on the time of day you take a shower or bath, therefore you should choose a colour scheme which embraces these two extremes and makes them work in your favour any time of the day or night.

With luxury walk-through showers providing rain-shower adjustable pressure and massaging abilities, today's shower have come a long way from the cramped spaces with a cold shower curtains clinging to your body refusing to let go and the merest dribble of lukewarm water struggling to get anywhere near your body! Today bathrooms are more than places to get yourself clean. Whether you're a 5 minute in, out and done type of person or the type that likes to be pummelled by massage jets or you prefer to lay for hours in the bath and soak, bathrooms have become rooms which give us the type and style of cleansing we require on demand.

Even if you're bathroom isn't on the grand scale of some of the latest designs you can still give yourself the spa experience. Power showers over the bath and half doors or fabric, rather than clingy plastic shower curtains are just one way to bring your bathroom into the 21st century. One aspect of bathrooms which in principle hasn't changed much is the need for a window dressing which offers privacy. While Venetian blinds, wood, PVC fabric or metal, remain firm favourites, vertical blinds are also being used with great success in bathrooms.

Modern manufacturing processes means that the fabric vanes can be coated to help protect them from hot and humid atmospheres so tat they retain their shape and style. Another window dressing which has seen a huge revival in recent years is the return of using curtains in bathrooms. Free standing baths and larger bathrooms allow curtains to be included within the design process, more especially if your bath isn't situated under the window.

White curtains are the most favoured with lightweight voiles and sheers adding an almost dreamy effect which is ideal for long hot soaks in the bath. Whatever your bathroom style, take the time to give it some TLC this year – both you and your bathroom will feel all the better!

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