If you love cars and can't bear to be parted with your beloved machine then why not incorporate it into the theme of your man cave? This can actually kill two birds with one stone so to speak, if your man cave is part of your garage. As with any interior design ideas a room should have a focal point and this really fits the bill, you get to gaze lovingly at your car and have a room where you and your mates can chat informally about all things 'car'. Interior Design It's surprising to note that most man caves or dens are kept in order – you'll find their sanctuary is kept clutter free and has its own distinctive style. Colour schemes are important particularly if there isn't any natural light due to the absence of windows. Pale shades are ideal, with soft creams rather than stark whites being used for walls. Browns, tans and gun metal greys also work well, offering a good contrast for flooring rugs and soft furnishings. If touring or racing cars have sponsorship colours then these can also be used to great effect as any man passionate about cars will tell you. Lighting will also be a key consideration. Bright overhead lighting may be needed while tinkering with the car, whilst in the evenings the use of advertising lights creates a cosier atmosphere which retains the petrol head theme. Relaxing armchairs and informal café styled table and chairs make the room multi-functional. If there is a bar, then bar stools are an obvious choice of seating. Plasma televisions and sound systems will also find their place in a man cave, after all this is a chill out zone which is usually the sole domain of the man, so he can watch F1, touring cars or any programme related to cars without subjecting the rest of the household to join him. As we discussed in yesterdays post man caves and dens are becoming increasingly popular and it's surprising just how trendy and stylish these rooms can be – leave a man to show his interior design skills and you'll be amazed at the different ideas and concepts they come up with, showing us that interiors and interior design aren't solely the domain of women.